I am running for Needham Library Trustee and Town Meeting Member in Precinct D this April

I’ve been an appointed trustee of Needham Free Public Library since July 2022. I’m an Olin College of Engineering professor with social science, design, and computing expertise, which I’ve already put to use in the library’s strategic planning and space planning work. During the past 15 years, I’ve co-founded or advised numerous social impact organizations, including The Awesome Foundation, Obama Foundation, and SeeClickFix.

Needham’s library is adopting a new strategic plan and will be completing a space planning effort this summer to reimagine how the building can best serve patrons as our town grows and evolves. Executing these plans with marshaled support and resources will be crucial for success. I want to see that through as a Library Trustee and as a Town Meeting Member for Precinct D.

I think the most critical challenges facing Needham are 1) quality, accessible education from preschool on; 2) affordable housing that ensures our residents can grow their families here and will allow us to attract new residents to our community; and 3) climate change, which threatens the futures we want for our community, our children, and the planet. These are the lenses I’ll bring to issues facing Needham at Town Meeting, enhanced by the intersections and opportunities for Needham Free Public Library.