Moby Dick Project

Participated in the Knight Foundation-funded Moby Dick Project workshop on July 29, 2011 at Stanford’s, where we used design thinking to develop ideas and interface mockups for re-inventing the way people consume news.

My group focused on the problem of background context for news stories. Our solution was an app or web interface for reading articles which incorporated a timeline of articles on the topic displayed as an interactive graph of news volume over time, and the ability to search for related articles by a keyword referring to either a related topic or an alternate perspective on the story. Below the graph, headlines of the most-read articles, fitting within the window of time the user is browsing and categorized by your selected keywords, are listed. Navigation history would be stored in scrollable panes so that users could browse laterally or dive deeply and the return to the original article. [A video of my presentation of our interface is below.]

Group Presentation Video

Interface Mockup


Original Call for Participation

Why Are We Still Consuming News Like It’s 1899?

UNICEF Fundraiser Flyer

Designed flyer for a 2006 UNICEF trick-or-treat fundraiser I organized.

I co-organized the fundraiser in 2005 and 2006 with a fellow student after writing an editorial in Reporter, RIT’s student-run news magazine, advocating for similar projects ahead of RIT’s Thanksgiving break [see link below for editorial text].

Flyer Design


Editorial Tear Sheet

october-28-2005-halloweeneditorial Logo and Site Design

Designed logo and website for a new media publication at RIT.

Logo and web site home page mockups were designed in Adobe Illustrator. The logo was used on materials advertising the new publication but was never published.




Site Design Iteration 1


Site Design Iteration 2


Site Design Iteration 3