Virtual Reality as a Gateway for Cultural Immersion

2004 Summer Internship at the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Helped Prof Miho Aoki construct a 3D Japanese home model for cultural instruction in a virtual reality CAVE.


Using initial designs and textures developed by Prof Aoki, I constructed a 3D Japanese home model using Maya. All models were exported using Maya’s own exporting tools for VRML, as well as the conversion plug-in PolyTrans for OpenGL C code. The VRML files were associated with a configuration file that would allow them to be viewed in 3-d using the VRScape virtual reality software engine. The C files, after code editing, were displayed via OpenGL through the VRJuggler virtual reality framework. The Japanese home was designed to be used in an immersive environment by a small class of students, specifically within the CAVE-based system at the Discovery Lab at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Summary Paper


The Model in Action